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Authority to Represent

This agreement confirms that you are hiring The Law Office of Robert C. Thompson, Jr., P.A. to provide legal services to you in regard to the sealing or expungement of your criminal case. The provision of legal services is subject to your acceptance of the terms outlined in the Authorization Agreement below. If the terms of the Authorization Agreement meet with your approval, complete the form and acknowledge your acceptance by clicking the Submit button and providing your credit card payment. If you wish to pay by check or money order, please print the form and mail it to our office with your payment.

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Authorization Agreement

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This form gives us authority to order your criminal record subject to the fees and conditions below.

There are four steps to completing this form to accept the terms and obligations of this agreement:

  1. Enter today's date from the menu provided

  2. Type your legal name in the space provided

  3. Select the service desired (Sealing or Expungement)

  4. Click "I agree" at the bottom of the form

Authority to Represent

by and between Robert C. Thompson, Jr., Esq. and

  1. Employment

    I hereby retain Robert C. Thompson, Jr., Esq. to represent my interests in regard to the sealing or expungement of my criminal case. I authorize Robert C. Thompson, Jr., Esq. to do and perform all acts on my part which are necessary and appropriate in this representation. I understand that this agreement is limited to legal representation directly related to the sealing or expungement of my criminal history record in Florida and does not include appeals, petitions for clemency, motions to vacate/reconsider sentence or any other post judgment proceeding.

  2. Attorney’s Fee

    I agree to pay Robert C. Thompson, Jr., Esq. a minimum of $600.00 as a non-refundable engagement fee. This engagement fee is payable in two installments of $300.00. The first installment of $300.00 is due upon the execution of this agreement. The second installment of $300.00 is due after receipt of the Floridea Department of Law Enforcement Certificate of Eligibility and prior to filing the Petition to Seal or Expunge. The engagement fee is earned when paid and does not include expenses associated with representation.

    I understand that although most jurisdictions do not require a hearing on a Petition to Seal or Expunge a Criminal History Record, the Judge in my case may require a hearing. I further understand that in the event that my case requires a hearing, I will be responsible for the payment of an additional court appearance/hearing fee of $200.00.

  3. Expenses

    I understand that I will be responsible for payment of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement Application for Certificate of Eligibility fee of $75.00 and for payment of court costs, certified copy costs and filing fees which typically range between $60-$100. I understand that these expenses are not included in the Attorney's Fee referenced in the preceding paragraph.

  4. Payment of Fees and Costs

    I understand that that payment of the agreed upon fee and expenses shall provide Robert C. Thompson, Jr., Esq. with the authority to proceed with legal representation. I further understand that if I fail to remit full payment for fees or expenses, Robert C. Thompson, Jr., will cease further legal representation on my behalf.

  5. Withdrawal

    I agree that Robert C. Thompson, Jr., Esq. shall have the right to withdraw from my case if I do not make payments required by this agreement, if I misrepresent or fail to disclose material facts to Robert C. Thompson, Jr., Esq. or if I fail to follow his advice.

  6. Representation

    Under Florida law, the decision to seal or expunge a criminal case remains within the sole discretion of the Court. I acknowledge that Robert C. Thompson, Jr., Esq. has made no representations or guarantees concerning the outcome of the sealing or expungement of my case.

I elect to have the Law Office of Robert C. Thompson, Jr., P.A. provide the following service:

By clicking the Submit button below, I am indicating my acceptance of the terms of the Authorization Agreement.